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Freedom Fighter Vandana Shiva Against the Ultimate Colonialist

Vandana-ShivaBen Swann on Instagram: “Bill Gates is reportedly the largest farm owner in the US while trying to patent and control the distribution of seeds worldwide. There is…”

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva (

Friends of Navdanya

Seed Freedom – Vandana Shiva & Satish Kumar in Conversation – YouTube

U.S. Christian Persecution: “We’ve Been Essential for the Past 2,000 Years”

Wonderful interview with  Pastor Che, whose father (as a pastor) was a prisoner of war in North Korea!  The state of California, under Gavin Newsom, similarly persecuted him and his church this last year.  He was threatened with  millions of dollars in fines for continuing to hold Christian services, until the Supreme Court upheld the right of his people to worship God.

See his interview with Joshua Phillips from Crossroads (The Epoch Times).

Matt. 5:10-11  Courage Award!!!home-trophy