How Did the Haitians Get to Mexico?

Cloward-PivenThe Question On Everyone’s Mind Should Be How Did The Haitians Get To Mexico – Times Square Chronicles (

Is there only one journalist in the world? Can CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other MSM take a break from shilling for their corporate masters for a second in order to ask a real question?

Who is funding the humanitarian crisis at the border? Who is profiting from the child trafficking and inhumane conditions that exist for the tens of thousands of people there?

Thousands upon thousands of Haitians at the border long to get in. The facilities have absolutely no ability to process so many people, to test for diseases as we did at Ellis Island, to quarantine, to even care what happens to them after they are released.   We are required to torture our children with masks and isolate away from the people we love, while diseases are imported into the country by the truckload, and those who carry them are treated horrifically in the process.

It is utter chaos, and the vulnerable children that the powers  behind this crisis  use as pawns for their project are being raped and abused and people are dying. With blood on their hands the powers that be use and abuse people like they are worth nothing, in order to destroy us and Cloward-Piven America to death.

These are victims, the pawns in a dangerous game being played on both immigrants and Americans.  But the real question—the question that any true journalist needs to be asking is this: WHO is funding this utter fiasco meant to overwhelm our borders? Who is responsible for this mess?

Who are the abusers fueling the crisis?

A clue may be found here:

How did the Haitians get to Mexico?

(from the article)

“……..Was it by boat, plane or like Jesus walking on water? The distance from Haiti to Mexico is 3.177 km. This air travel distance is equal to 1,974 miles, if you  travel by an airplane…….oh, yeah, you also need a Visa. A Haitian would need to carry three documents, a Mexico Tourist Card, a Mexican Tourist Visa and a Haitian Passport. …..

…..Someone is paying for these people to come here, that much is obvious. The question is who and why?” (see link  above)

So sayeth Suzanna Bowling, apparently the only journalist in the world on this issue worth her salt.

So, you moneyed MSM—why are YOU not asking the question? Why are you obsessing over social media influencers like Nicki Minaj and not focusing on things that truly matter?

Where are the real journalists, where are the ones  who have the resources to answer this question? And why haven’t our moneyed reporters, the ones who could afford to find out, even bothered to ask?

Is the answer contained in the question?  Is it the people with the money behind you who don’t want us to know?

One other thing. When I was growing up, journalists took their jobs seriously. They had ethics—were almost hyper-ethical— and were devoted to protecting their communities by investigating and revealing  the truth, no matter what the powerful wanted to hide.

That duty seems to be relegated to independent, citizen journalists today.  I am curious as to what happened to you mainstream “reporters.”  Do you think of yourselves as entertainers? Propagandists?  Corporate shills?  Data entry clerks who merely echo whatever you are told?

Are there any real journalists left among you?