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For another terrific Covid-19 Conference organized by the great Patrick Coffin, .  The Conference will have many wonderful speakers and is free to view at Truth Over Fear Summit II ( on April 30, 2021.

See you there!

(The conference was actually held this weekend, on another platform.  It’s a long story…… 🙂  But I believe that you can still view the videos — I purchased a premium pass and so can view them for up to a year….)

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The Great Reset

Scloudspiro Skouras has a wonderful video on what this is truly all about. It is often taken down, but hopefully you will still be able to view it. (I promise you that it is worth your time. )


Is this a conspiracy theory about something that might happen in a far distant future?  Well, no.  Time magazine has already introduced the idea. (If the link doesn’t work, check out Time’s recent article entitled “The Great Reset.”)

See also:

They are planning to roll it out very soon.  Check out Time Magazine’s puff piece on it.  But their cheery re-imagined world will not look like this.  It will look something like this:

Plus this:

Plus this:

And this:

The Great Reset was planned years ago, with members of the elite openly, publicly lamenting the difficulty of realizing their dreams with the robust economies we were experiencing prior to Covid.  You can see their glee when their plans came back to life again, kickstarted by a deadly virus that was “accidentally” released from a bioweapons lab in China.  The sense of urgency to use this “unprecedented opportunity” was overwhelming and they were determined to implement it quickly, before this rare window afforded  to them by  this unspeakable tragedy closed.

They were quite ready, quite prepared and set about rolling out their plan.  It was accompanied by an incredibly organized effort (with even a dry-run practice simulation before the rest of the world even knew about the disease)  to shutdown the economies of the world, separate people from each other, and substitute working governments with individual low-level despots through never-ending emergency decrees that crush all rights and punish people who dare resist.

An innocuous, very inexpensive anti-viral drug may have spoiled everything without the help of the media and tech companies, who systematically censored free speech to Stalinist levels and attacked, both personally and professionally any doctor who dared stray from the doomsday narrative.

These companies—a surprisingly small number of corporations that control all of the media—have also been quite helpful with the manipulation of statistics,  with the downplaying of the mind-boggling Lancet fraud that brought down that innocuous drug and would not revive it even after the study was embarrassingly debunked. Their efforts continued as they covered up other publications’ frauds, generated non-stop hysteria-producing headlines to keep us all scared, cowering at home and terrified of getting close to each other.   This useful group of  so-called “journalists” helped out too by refusing to investigate corruption in the government’s handling of the disease, whether giving alphabet agencies the power of life and death over small businesses, or by institutionalized “creativity” with numbers or by covering up the massive amounts of conflicts of interest in the Covid policymakers. The media’s efforts all allowed sufficient time to implement the steps to the Reset, especially the most intrusive, privacy-violative ones.

Although during the elites’  Covid simulation prior to Covid, measures to punish those who spoke out about the agenda were discussed,  aside from massive censoring and defunding of anyone who questioned the narrative (labeled “disinformation,”) we have not seen the gulags or re-education camps –yet  However, lately, some have threatened crackdown measures that Stalin or even Big Brother would have approved of.  We shall see what happens in the future.

So  here are the steps of the Great Reset.  Do any of these sound familiar?

The plan will look like this:

(from: )

So, what can we do?

We will be entering the fight of our lives no matter what happens in the near future.  The election, which, contrary to what the media thinks it has the power to do, has not yet been called.  The election won’t save us, but it will determine whether we have a Chamberlain or a Churchill to get us through it.  Trump is opposed to the Great Reset.  Biden is a part of it—you can see him in the audience in Spiro Skouras’ video! Trump can get us back on track, restore small businesses, with him we can recover.  We can do this.  And they will not be able to reset something that hasn’t been destroyed.

What else can we do? Pray!!! God will help us! Pray a Rosary every day.  Miracles happen, and we can defeat the evil that threatens to destroy us if we pray and work together.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth.  You know that disease —the one that emerged from that bioweapons lab–let me say that again—BIOWEAPONS LAB— in Wuhan and was disseminated around the world by thousands of travelers from the area after the country knew about it—you know that one?  Well, if a spiritual guru tells you that the reason for the bioweapon disease is “climate change”–is the fact that you eat red meat and drive a Suburban to work……if he tells you that the only way to prevent such tragedy in the future is to obey the commands of the U.N.—then use your brain, use your heart, use your soul and ask the Holy Spirit if maybe there isn’t something wrong with that analysis.

I am not telling you that this is something that he will do, but if this is something that he does do, put on your truth-detector.

And if he does this, understand that he is preaching of the gospel of globalism vs. the gospel of Jesus Christ.   (The Remnant)


And do not allow them to turn us against each other.  If Biden wins, he will hand these guys the keys to the front door. But if Trump wins, we still have a challenge. People may become violent.  There are groups that have been heavily financed and well-community-organized to create that violence.  We may have a hot Communist revolution on our hands if we are not careful.  Prepare with a few extra supplies on hand just in case.

Please understand, for your sake and ours, what is at stake here.  The Communist fist groups are founded upon lies.  They are using you if you are a part of them, especially if they are inciting you to violence!  They do not care about you,  even if they say so, even if you think you are working for what is in the name of the organization.  It isn’t true.  They just want to burn this whole place down so that they—these wealthy, incredibly evil technocrats—can control you and all of us, even if that means starving you, not allowing you to reproduce or even killing you.  Don’t be fooled! The violence is to destabilize our country so that it can be taken over by them.  Communism first destabilizes, then crushes the culture of the country it devours and then devolves into violent revolution and takeover.  Please don’t let that happen. This is not about what you think it is about.

And any of you leaders who are listening: the more law and order is enforced, the more we will be able to save our cities.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not go along or succumb to the pressure. Rescind those emergency orders that have long been unnecessary. Did you know that every totalitarian takeover started out with an extended emergency decree? Check out what happened after the Reichstad Fire Decree.  We are not far behind that happening here.  We are in real trouble, and you need to have the honor and courage to do the right thing or we will all be lost.  Our very nation is at stake.

Please do your jobs no matter what they tell you to do (because you will get instructions from on-high  just as detailed as your Covid instructions that have devastated your communities). While you are at it, it might be nice to discover who came up with those orders, who financed them, who is behind them.  I’ll bet a dollar that it started out beyond our shores.

St Francis

So–no matter the outcome, no violence.  No violence from the Left.  And Right–don’t give them the excuse they have been looking for to declare an emergency decree that allows them to take our only method of protection.

Please no violence.

And please America, let’s work together again to rebuild after Covid.  Let’s resist the destruction, the totalitarianism, the crushing of our rights. Let’s pray. And may God bless America once again and once again make her the one who frees those who are fleeing evil, not the ones who are consumed by it.

(Finally, whatever you do, do not accept the mark. Do not allow yourselves to be injected with their tracking devices which may affect your fertility, and which will determine your future freedom.  They may think that “everyone has a right to a digital ID,”  but we do not want that “right”—the “right”  of being tracked, enslaved and having to justify our existence to our elitist masters.

Do not give in, do not surrender your freedom for any reason! Find ways to live off the grid and communities that can help you to do so.)

God bless you and God help us, please!!! Deliver us from evil!







The Great Reset. Wow. Just Wow.


Ok.  First of all,  do not watch the video below if you plan to go to bed within a couple of hours. If you do watch it now,  you won’t fall asleep.  It’s pretty sobering, and I hope that this clueless, self-important, gaggle of Dr. No’s don’t get away with their control-freak-fueled masterplan.  But they’ve gotten pretty far with it already.

I think I feel a little about Prince Charles the way our forefathers felt about King George.  Except that King George was only insane, which is a vast improvement over the British royal of today, as this man, a primary member of the elitist stakeholders of “The Great Reset” can do so much more damage with his power fever dreams.  This is a man who does not have a kingdom to rule but is (possibly successfully) still trying to rule the world.

I watched this video expecting to take it all with a grain of salt.  But after checking out the World Economic Forum’s ecstatic, almost giddy,  declaration of this Covid-19  “unprecedented opportunity” to usher in The Great Reset, I’m convinced that this video explains exactly what is happening right now. It all falls into place perfectly, and it’s not exactly a conspiracy theory as they are admitting all of it.  As he said, it’s a conspiracy, just not at the theory stage..

(By the way, if you can find Joe Biden anywhere in the video link below, you get a point. *Hint–He’s the guy sitting next to Hillary Clinton.)

When you look at the video, you might think–hey, this is not so bad.  They are describing what they are working for as “economic justice” making the world’s economy more “fair.”  But that is just another word for the redistribution of wealth, which means that money is stolen from some countries —taken by the “stakeholder” elite— to be given  to others as they see fit.  And they, the “stakeholders,” some of the richest people in the world, do not lose a dime, but only gain power over the global economy.  What could possibly go wrong?

They describe the marrying of technology and humanity as a positive step forward, and assure that they would safeguard a designated “space” for people to make room for private thought so that people would not be afraid to think.

They describe the fusion of technology and human biology as a positive thing too.  The paralyzed can walk, humans will become superhuman and possess the superpowers that are the stuff of legend.

But the problem is—and the biggest problem with all of this—is that they are blind to themselves, to the reality of who they are.  They are blind to anything but the misguided illusion of the dystopic nightmare that they believe will be a utopia,  just as rabid Marxists are blind to the reality, the horrific results of Communism once it takes hold of a country. They think that because they have these ivory tower good intentions, that everything will be as rosy as they predict.  They are blind to themselves and to the danger that they are about to unleash on all of us.

These people—these eugenicists who believe that population is a negative thing, that killing small children up until they are born and sometimes afterwards is perfectly fine, that the nuclear family is a thing to be hated, a system of society that needs to be torn down, that God doesn’t exist and that only they—the little gods they make themselves out to be—can create a perfect global society, are elated about a plague that gives them a “window of opportunity” to take control over the world.   They have been planning the Covid course of action for some time now, a plan that has been launched with perfect precision, covering every detail, and implementing a kind of monitoring that would have been illegal a few months ago before all of our rights were suddenly suspended. They were so ready, immediately everything was in place, laid  out so carefully and so methodically that the tragedy that has impacted all of us—or at least the aftermath of that tragedy— cannot have been an accident. They knew. At the very least, they knew.

And if they get their way,   if all of their planning and organizing and control measures succeed in giving them their way, they will have the power over who lives and who dies, who gets medical care and who doesn’t, who eats and who starves. They will be able to track everyone everywhere.  They will be able to control everyone everywhere, even, if the scientists in this video are correct, to the point of controlling thought as it happens or even before it happens.

They think of themselves as benevolent deities, who would turn the world into a paradise, not realizing that they are Godless creatures who would make such a mess of things that it would destroy humanity.

“Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4.”  (George Orwell, 1984) 

I knew that the riots were a planned, paid for disruption—nothing else makes sense.  I knew that they were about causing unrest and that the stated motive was not the true motive.  I also suspected that when China forbade travel within its borders but sent millions of its infected people around the world, that maybe what happened wasn’t an accident like they said it was. I knew that something was really fishy about all of this.

I’ve also been concerned about what some scientists have been saying about wanting to monkey around with the structure of human beings and combine them with machines.  I saw a speech by a renowned brain science doctor who said that we need to have our brains enhanced with technology or we will not be able to compete. It made me very uncomfortable.

READ “FRANKENSTEIN!”  I felt like shouting. Humans do a horrible job of playing God whenever they try it.   Watch “The Minority Report” I feel like shouting.  Don’t you guys ever look at science fiction?

This is scary stuff and it all makes so much sense when you look at what is happening in the world.  The response to Covid was so incredibly well planned and involved so much control and so little concentration on common sense measures to address the actual disease that I thought, something is really off about all of this.

I was right.

This is worse than a world war.  If these people get their way and really implement their agenda, we are looking the beginning of the end of humanity.  A nuclear bomb would be less damaging than what they are planning.

Ok, here’s the address for the link. Please cut and paste in your computer’s browser.