Free Speech Masterclass June 7

Do you value your freedom?

Do you feel that in the last year and a half,  your God-given freedoms, including the right to free speech, the right to worship, and the right to peaceably assemble have been violated?

Are you concerned enough to want to get involved in restoring those freedoms in your community?


Would you like to become more effective at making real change?

Check out and sign up.  A new, free masterclass is just beginning on June 7th.

A community of volunteers are gathering together to become a part of the solution.  Come join us!

Go to — and begin to make real change!

Hope to see you there! 🙂




Grassroots Activists

cloudsThings may look bleak right now.  But there is reason for hope!

Local activists have risen to the challenge and are winning victories all over the world.

Here are just a few of the groups who are trying to restore our culture and fight for our freedoms.

Pam Popper’s Make Americans Free Again:

Pam Popper on Make America Free Again, Update on CDC Complaint, State Law Suit (Ohio) – YouTube

Banned – Dr. Pam Popper – Covid Operation and Make American’s Free Again | Rokfin

HOME | Arizona Stands United

An Informed Life Radio (Audible) Podcast KKNW/Hubbard Radio (Citizens in Charge: Make America Free Again) podcasts

Patrick Wood’s Citizens for Free Speech:

Citizens for Free Speech

Small Business Defenders

We Are All Essential – Empowering small businesses.

And numerous health professionals who are getting involved:

The Great Barrington Declaration | The Truth About Covid-19


Dr. Peter Breggin Interviews Dr. Vladimir Zelenko