Another Terrific Covid-19 Conference! (Patrick Coffin)

skyPatrick Coffin on Instagram: “Join people from all over the world learning from over 30 experts from multiple countries about what’s hiding in plain sight. Take the next…”

For another terrific Covid-19 Conference organized by the great Patrick Coffin, .  The Conference will have many wonderful speakers and is free to view at Truth Over Fear Summit II ( on April 30, 2021.

See you there!

(The conference was actually held this weekend, on another platform.  It’s a long story…… 🙂  But I believe that you can still view the videos — I purchased a premium pass and so can view them for up to a year….)

Truth Over Fear Summit (

U.S. Christian Persecution: “We’ve Been Essential for the Past 2,000 Years”

Wonderful interview with  Pastor Che, whose father (as a pastor) was a prisoner of war in North Korea!  The state of California, under Gavin Newsom, similarly persecuted him and his church this last year.  He was threatened with  millions of dollars in fines for continuing to hold Christian services, until the Supreme Court upheld the right of his people to worship God.

See his interview with Joshua Phillips from Crossroads (The Epoch Times).

Matt. 5:10-11  Courage Award!!!home-trophy



The Great Reset

Scloudspiro Skouras has a wonderful video on what this is truly all about. It is often taken down, but hopefully you will still be able to view it. (I promise you that it is worth your time. )


Is this a conspiracy theory about something that might happen in a far distant future?  Well, no.  Time magazine has already introduced the idea. (If the link doesn’t work, check out Time’s recent article entitled “The Great Reset.”)

See also:

They are planning to roll it out very soon.  Check out Time Magazine’s puff piece on it.  But their cheery re-imagined world will not look like this.  It will look something like this:

Plus this:

Plus this:

And this:

The Great Reset was planned years ago, with members of the elite openly, publicly lamenting the difficulty of realizing their dreams with the robust economies we were experiencing prior to Covid.  You can see their glee when their plans came back to life again, kickstarted by a deadly virus that was “accidentally” released from a bioweapons lab in China.  The sense of urgency to use this “unprecedented opportunity” was overwhelming and they were determined to implement it quickly, before this rare window afforded  to them by  this unspeakable tragedy closed.

They were quite ready, quite prepared and set about rolling out their plan.  It was accompanied by an incredibly organized effort (with even a dry-run practice simulation before the rest of the world even knew about the disease)  to shutdown the economies of the world, separate people from each other, and substitute working governments with individual low-level despots through never-ending emergency decrees that crush all rights and punish people who dare resist.

An innocuous, very inexpensive anti-viral drug may have spoiled everything without the help of the media and tech companies, who systematically censored free speech to Stalinist levels and attacked, both personally and professionally any doctor who dared stray from the doomsday narrative.

These companies—a surprisingly small number of corporations that control all of the media—have also been quite helpful with the manipulation of statistics,  with the downplaying of the mind-boggling Lancet fraud that brought down that innocuous drug and would not revive it even after the study was embarrassingly debunked. Their efforts continued as they covered up other publications’ frauds, generated non-stop hysteria-producing headlines to keep us all scared, cowering at home and terrified of getting close to each other.   This useful group of  so-called “journalists” helped out too by refusing to investigate corruption in the government’s handling of the disease, whether giving alphabet agencies the power of life and death over small businesses, or by institutionalized “creativity” with numbers or by covering up the massive amounts of conflicts of interest in the Covid policymakers. The media’s efforts all allowed sufficient time to implement the steps to the Reset, especially the most intrusive, privacy-violative ones.

Although during the elites’  Covid simulation prior to Covid, measures to punish those who spoke out about the agenda were discussed,  aside from massive censoring and defunding of anyone who questioned the narrative (labeled “disinformation,”) we have not seen the gulags or re-education camps –yet  However, lately, some have threatened crackdown measures that Stalin or even Big Brother would have approved of.  We shall see what happens in the future.

So  here are the steps of the Great Reset.  Do any of these sound familiar?

The plan will look like this:

(from: )

So, what can we do?

We will be entering the fight of our lives no matter what happens in the near future.  The election, which, contrary to what the media thinks it has the power to do, has not yet been called.  The election won’t save us, but it will determine whether we have a Chamberlain or a Churchill to get us through it.  Trump is opposed to the Great Reset.  Biden is a part of it—you can see him in the audience in Spiro Skouras’ video! Trump can get us back on track, restore small businesses, with him we can recover.  We can do this.  And they will not be able to reset something that hasn’t been destroyed.

What else can we do? Pray!!! God will help us! Pray a Rosary every day.  Miracles happen, and we can defeat the evil that threatens to destroy us if we pray and work together.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the truth.  You know that disease —the one that emerged from that bioweapons lab–let me say that again—BIOWEAPONS LAB— in Wuhan and was disseminated around the world by thousands of travelers from the area after the country knew about it—you know that one?  Well, if a spiritual guru tells you that the reason for the bioweapon disease is “climate change”–is the fact that you eat red meat and drive a Suburban to work……if he tells you that the only way to prevent such tragedy in the future is to obey the commands of the U.N.—then use your brain, use your heart, use your soul and ask the Holy Spirit if maybe there isn’t something wrong with that analysis.

I am not telling you that this is something that he will do, but if this is something that he does do, put on your truth-detector.

And if he does this, understand that he is preaching of the gospel of globalism vs. the gospel of Jesus Christ.   (The Remnant)


And do not allow them to turn us against each other.  If Biden wins, he will hand these guys the keys to the front door. But if Trump wins, we still have a challenge. People may become violent.  There are groups that have been heavily financed and well-community-organized to create that violence.  We may have a hot Communist revolution on our hands if we are not careful.  Prepare with a few extra supplies on hand just in case.

Please understand, for your sake and ours, what is at stake here.  The Communist fist groups are founded upon lies.  They are using you if you are a part of them, especially if they are inciting you to violence!  They do not care about you,  even if they say so, even if you think you are working for what is in the name of the organization.  It isn’t true.  They just want to burn this whole place down so that they—these wealthy, incredibly evil technocrats—can control you and all of us, even if that means starving you, not allowing you to reproduce or even killing you.  Don’t be fooled! The violence is to destabilize our country so that it can be taken over by them.  Communism first destabilizes, then crushes the culture of the country it devours and then devolves into violent revolution and takeover.  Please don’t let that happen. This is not about what you think it is about.

And any of you leaders who are listening: the more law and order is enforced, the more we will be able to save our cities.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not go along or succumb to the pressure. Rescind those emergency orders that have long been unnecessary. Did you know that every totalitarian takeover started out with an extended emergency decree? Check out what happened after the Reichstad Fire Decree.  We are not far behind that happening here.  We are in real trouble, and you need to have the honor and courage to do the right thing or we will all be lost.  Our very nation is at stake.

Please do your jobs no matter what they tell you to do (because you will get instructions from on-high  just as detailed as your Covid instructions that have devastated your communities). While you are at it, it might be nice to discover who came up with those orders, who financed them, who is behind them.  I’ll bet a dollar that it started out beyond our shores.

St Francis

So–no matter the outcome, no violence.  No violence from the Left.  And Right–don’t give them the excuse they have been looking for to declare an emergency decree that allows them to take our only method of protection.

Please no violence.

And please America, let’s work together again to rebuild after Covid.  Let’s resist the destruction, the totalitarianism, the crushing of our rights. Let’s pray. And may God bless America once again and once again make her the one who frees those who are fleeing evil, not the ones who are consumed by it.

(Finally, whatever you do, do not accept the mark. Do not allow yourselves to be injected with their tracking devices which may affect your fertility, and which will determine your future freedom.  They may think that “everyone has a right to a digital ID,”  but we do not want that “right”—the “right”  of being tracked, enslaved and having to justify our existence to our elitist masters.

Do not give in, do not surrender your freedom for any reason! Find ways to live off the grid and communities that can help you to do so.)

God bless you and God help us, please!!! Deliver us from evil!







We Can Change the World

CSC_0431“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Can you guess who said this? It was Margaret Mead, the anthropologist.

Wise words indeed.

And it is so true.  As I look at the news tonight, and see that the House Democrats just voted in a bill that checks off another Communist goal, “transfer powers of arrest from police to social agencies,” my heart begins to pound and I feel panicked.  The truth is, looking at how many of the goals the Communist movement has already achieved in this country  and the weird things that are happening right now, I am scared.

So many very strange things have been happening recently: the dangerous suspension of our rights and transferring of  almost whimsical power to low level bureaucrats, the weird collaboration of government agencies and the media to do things that are unthinkable, such as  looking at rioters who loot and destroy and kill and doing nothing to stop it or to keep us safe.  The government sits on its hands and the media praises the mob. If that’s not weird, I don’t know what is.

And then there are the “swatters,” the ones who  destroy people’s lives, their jobs, their reputations on very, very flimsy evidence as if they are trying to get these people out of the way.  And the media is complicit in the beat downs to the level of providing the supporting propaganda.  Some call it Cancel Culture, others call it terrorism. Whatever it is called, it is a horrible injustice for these people, and no one is standing up for them.

Then there’s the annihilation of our history and our culture by vicious mobs tearing down and burning our cities and monuments.  In the back of my mind I know that cultural annihilation is an integral part of  every fascist-socialist revolution— including Hitler’s in WW2 —since time began. This is not good.   Add to that the unremitting stream of bizarre events that seem to be orchestrated to keep us all off-kilter and  frightened, even imprisoned— when it is common sense that society should be starting to open up, freedoms should be restored and life should be getting back to some semblance of normalcy right now.

And now tonight the House votes in a bill that will decimate the only protection that we have on our side, the local police, and gives the power over us to a social agency whom I’m sure will be made up of the same people who are trying to bring down our society and our culture.

When I look at the Communist goals that were listed so many years ago and see how many of them have already been accomplished, and one more tonight with the Democrat’s vote to transfer the local firepower of the police who are there to protect us to a social agency run by Communists -(-actually, two more goals accomplished as it also fulfills the Communist goal of takeover of at least one American political party), I am terrified that we are at the tail end of a very long quest by the Communists to take over this country.  I fear that we are in the middle of a Communist revolution that shows no signs of abating and  I wonder where we will be by next year and under whose control. Maybe the Democrats don’t care that Joe Biden can’t put two coherent sentences together because they know there will be no election in November.

But I’m trying to look at the bright side.  I also see that what this means is that I need to step up and take a stand.  Maybe the people in charge of the mainstream media have taken it irrevocably to the left and become a part of this problem, but that does not mean that I can’t use my voice to oppose them.  With comments and blogs and any other way to get my message across, I can be a part of the solution, not just by  defending America from the Communists who want to destroy it, but by taking the offense and pushing back on the goals which they think they have a lock on right now.

If their plan was to infiltrate the schools and teach anti-American garbage, my plan is to do whatever I can to teach the truth to people in every way, including about the greatness of our country and her founders.

If their plan is to take God out of our culture, my job is to bring Him back as an integral part of our lives, and to do whatever I can to help to bring us back to Him in order to restore the goodness in our souls.

If their plan is to tear apart families and small children in the womb, to take fathers out of the home and demoralize and belittle men and their role in society, then I can push back and show how important men are to our society and how vital the family is to the integrity of — to the very survival of — all of us.

I remember people used to say that promiscuity doesn’t hurt anyone.  But they were wrong.  The truth is  it destroys everyone, because a part of the reason why we are being attacked by Communists is due to the decay of our integrity, which has severely weakened us a nation. Communists are hyenas, vultures, roaches—feeding on the dying carcass of our American culture. They could not have gotten this far if we were a strong, good and moral country.

“America is great because America is good,” said Alexis de Tocqueville. “And when America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

It’s time to regain that goodness and that greatness be a part of the new American movement—the Resistance.  It’s time to push back, take a stand, start talking, start acting, and start combating the evil. . Time to organize and send those darned Communists back to Hell where they came from. Time to turn around, to turn back to God, to our roots, to our values, back to the freedom that so many have sacrificed their lives for and back to the laws that were put in place so many years ago by brilliant men who were aware of the evil that is trying to encroach upon us and that threatens to swallow us up whole right now.

I vow to resist the Communists, no matter what it takes.

In Genesis 18:32 Abraham bargains with God, asking Him to forego His wrath on the city.  Abraham asked God, “May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more. What if only ten (good people) can be found there?”

And God relents and agrees that for the sake of the 10, He would not destroy the city.

I’ve always envisioned this as a kind of magic wand thing.  God  could bring it down to smite the city,  but because of those 10  He decided not to use it.

But after looking at the situation we are in now, I wonder if this is really what that passage means? Look at the Communist goals; every single one of them is about attacking our integrity, our morality, our connection with God and each other.   The goals that they accomplished made us more promiscuous, broke apart our families, broke apart our relationships, made us no longer desire goodness, truth and beauty, and got rid of our connection to God and our duty to follow His laws. In other words, the goal of all of these things was to destroy our integrity in order to get us to crumble into decay.  And at the point of decay, when we were so weakened by our lack of integrity,  they began their attack in earnest, certain that we would be too weak to overcome their attempts to crush us.

Look at what is going on right now. I will explain more about the con job that the Marxist trained organizers are playing on us in later posts, but it’s kind of easy to see the absurdity of the things that deceive us.  We fall for manipulated words—for reacting without thinking to their gaslighting of us. We fall like lemmings for the propaganda, for actually very silly, very obviously false propaganda that they’ve convinced us of because of a few tricks they learned  in community organizing school.

And we’ve got real problems with morality beyond not being able to think clearly.  We kill our children so that we can have unrestricted pleasure, we are too cowardly to speak out against injustice or even take a stand against human rights abuses by just refraining from buying cheap trinkets from a country with a horrible record of that sort of thing.  We allowed God to be removed from every aspect of our culture and are even codifying immorality and child murder in our laws.  We did not object strongly enough to the removal of the 10 Commandments in the public square because we thought we’d be good people without them, and we were so wrong. Why not steal and burn and kill? Who is to say those things are wrong without God’s word?

Poor countries are generally poor due to corruption. Poor countries in fact are often rich in resources, but everything gets stolen, no one is safe  and there is no order.  Transactions can’t be trusted because  laws aren’t followed, no one trusts anyone else enough to make contracts with them.   In corrupt countries crime goes unpunished and no one is safe.  That’s exactly what makes those countries so poor–it’s the corruption, it’s the decay.  And this is the kind of country that the Democrats are leading us to—that the Communists behind the masks are trying to turn America into.

So I look at Abraham’s conversation with God and I think–maybe virtue is its own reward.  Maybe if just 10 people are God-fearing enough and good enough—if just 10 people have  integrity, it will keep the bottom-feeders from swooping in on us to feast on the decay.

Maybe we are not in the midst of  a fascist-socialist revolution. Maybe this is just a small minority of people who are using the media to appear larger and more powerful than they are. And Maybe there are lots and lots of good people in America—many more than 10 —- and we will overcome this challenge because of it.

Or maybe we are really that far gone. Either way,  the only thing to do is to turn back to God.  All of us right now, we are living in this place at this time for a reason.  And it truly only takes a committed group of people to turn things around and change the world.  What have we got to lose by trying?

I vow to be a part of the resistance. How about you?





What Happens When You Start to Think for Yourself

Here is a video of two of my favorite people in the whole world:

What happens when you start to think for yourself?

1) You get attacked.

2) You become the person whom you were meant to be.

It reminds me of Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:39

“He that findeth his life shall lose it and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.”

You can’t be afraid of standing for the truth, of doing the right thing.  If you try to hold on to your old life of sinking in to the routine and going along with the world in order to keep yourself safe and comfortable, you never really live, you never do what God put you on this earth to do and your time on earth doesn’t really make a difference.

But if you are willing to lose the comfort of an easy life, and you are willing to think for yourself and stand up for the truth, knowing that you will face hardship and that you will be attacked for your faith and for righteousness,  you find your purpose in life, and you fulfill the reason why God put you on this earth at this place and at this time.