Another Terrific Covid-19 Conference! (Patrick Coffin)

skyPatrick Coffin on Instagram: “Join people from all over the world learning from over 30 experts from multiple countries about what’s hiding in plain sight. Take the next…”

For another terrific Covid-19 Conference organized by the great Patrick Coffin, .  The Conference will have many wonderful speakers and is free to view at Truth Over Fear Summit II ( on April 30, 2021.

See you there!

(The conference was actually held this weekend, on another platform.  It’s a long story…… 🙂  But I believe that you can still view the videos — I purchased a premium pass and so can view them for up to a year….)

Truth Over Fear Summit (


It is getting increasingly difficult to find quality news.    Newspapers DSC_0206and media outlets that used to be credible, that presented the news for the most part fairly and impartially  no longer do this.  Their slant is so bad, the bias so pronounced that it’s difficult to trust anything they say.   And so where do you go to find news that matters—to find the truth?

Here are a few sites I’ve found that have been worthwhile and seem to offer the news that matters most to me.   I’d love any suggestions that you might have on other sites that I might have missed.  Also, all of these sites are wonderful, even the ones I don’t comment upon.

Just cut and paste the dotcom  links below to go to the sites:

Lifesitenews   Extremely well-researched, world-class reporting on multiple issues by seasoned, talented reporters who are sometimes acclaimed experts on the topics that they write about. Many of them speak multiple languages and are therefore able to do in-depth reporting using native documents and sources of the countries upon which they are reporting. Thus they provide important insights into the news and events coming from those countries .  Lifesite is a wonderful and informative source of relevant news from around the world, especially news pertaining to faith and life  issues.

American Thinker  Excellent, extremely well-written articles and editorials about all kinds of issues, especially political issues.

OANN– One America News Network —– Wonderful news source

The Washington Times

The New York Post


The Federalist

American Greatness

The Epoch Times   Excellent variety of news articles from around the world. Great overviews  of the  breaking news of the day.

News from the Whitehouse   Undiluted news about the President and updates on the country from the President and his staff.

The Liberty Daily   An aggregate news site with multiple links, much like the DrudgeReport used to be before Matt Drudge sold it.

PragerU  Excellent and highly informative resource on politics and the important issues of the day.   Host Dennis Prager often has incredibly talented, intelligent, entertaining guest hosts, such as the beautiful  Candace Owens. Short educational clips are very instructive, enlightening and entertaining. As my father used to say, “this guy has his head screwed on right.”

Fox News

Daily Wire   The brilliant Ben Shapiro on topics of the day.

(Any suggestions to add to this list would be appreciated, as I know I’ve missed many )

Faith-based news (especially for Catholics)




Classes on important topics

Hillsdale College


cropped-DSC_0118.jpgPolitical News

Turning Point USA

Judicial Watch



P J Media

Babylon Bee

The Gateway Pundit


More to come……