To Mask or Not to Mask?


‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users — RT World News


To mask or not to mask, that is the question.

If there is any chance at all that you believe that someday you will not have to wear a mask, tell me what has to happen before you take it off.


Perhaps when  there is a vaccine available and much of the population has taken it?

Perhaps when the numbers of virus cases go down to  nearly nil?

Perhaps when the masks are revealed to have very, very little effect on whether or not the virus is transmitted?

Perhaps when the CDC says that it is unlikely that healthy people will transmit the virus?

Perhaps when masks cause health problems like bacterial pneumonia, blood clots or oxygen deprivation, excess CO2, and other health issues?

Perhaps maybe when the virus that you are worried about is shown to have a 99.97% survival rate?

Perhaps when you’ve already had the virus and have even taken the vaccine just in case—when you are double immune and there is no correlation between masks and giving or getting Covid?

Ok, here’s one more— perhaps when the states open up and the laws don’t require masks anymore.—-that’s when it will end,  right? That’s when you’ll stop wearing masks.

Or is it?

Think about it.  Will you stop wearing a mask when mask-wearing no longer makes sense?  Have you reached that point yet?

If you have, it is time to show courage and stop wearing the mask.  Your courage will encourage others to do so as well.

If you are like me, the greatest temptation to wear a mask, even when your state is open and masks are no longer required is because you just want to go to the store and shop in peace, without someone coming up to you and saying, “I know that the state is open and masks aren’t required, but our private business requires you to wear one.”

Or even if that doesn’t happen, you look around you and not one person is without a mask and you feel like, “I don’t want to stand out, I don’t want to be the only one, I don’t want to look different.”

People think that the mask-free are doing so because they are trying to make trouble.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  We are doing it because the window of opportunity for freedom is closing rapidly.

The time for freedom from masks is now or never.  Really.  Because the people who are going to benefit from your compliance are counting on never, and it will take some courage to stand up to them.

If you can’t do it, then you might want to get started on your social credit score now (see China Social Credit System [Punishments & Rewards] in 2021 (  and get one of those Technocrat-inspired masks that tell you when you’ve forgotten to put your mask on or when you are wearing your device incorrectly.

The mask conveniently tells your elitist betters whether you have been a good boy or girl and are wearing your mask as expected.  Conveniently tied to your phone, it does many things and gives valuable information both to you and to those who are monitoring you about your health  and location, etc., even  telling you when you are about to die of excess CO2 caused by the mask that you are obligated to wear. Quite handy, right?

If you are not ready this year for 1984, it may come anyway, but here are a few other fashionable mask options from companies that have banked a lot of money that you won’t have the guts to stop wearing a mask—ever.

special masks





smart mask





Just beautiful, right?

But eventually,  I imagine that the WEF mask is the thing that you’ll be required to wear, so feel free to read about your future…..

This smart face mask tells you when to wash it | World Economic Forum (

I am saying all of this tongue in cheek, of course.  But I am serious that we are at a crisis point right now.  Take off the mask and take back your freedom!!!