St. Juniperro Serra Society


Father of the Missions, beloved missionary and advocate for the peoples of the Southwest, please help us to bring Christ’s message of love and peace to a hurting world.

Oh, holy Saint, who was so strong and fearless, who was undeterred by illness, infirmity or hardship in your quest to bring  God’s Truth, Beauty and Goodness to Your people, help us to bring God’s message of hope to everyone we meet.  Help us to speak out against injustice. Help us to encourage those who have lost hope and do not know the One Who made them, Who loves them and who put them on this earth at this place and time for a reason. Help us to teach them so that they may  know and love God and  follow the great calling that He has for them.

Please pray for us, that we  have courage in the face of persecution, that we bring light where there is darkness, that we bring truth to those who are being deceived, that we bring hope to those who are despondent, and that we bring God’s love to everyone, no matter the cost to ourselves.

Help us to be fruitful as you were fruitful, to build lives that shine the beauty of God to all just as you shone the beauty of God in every church, in every person whom you touched with His presence, in  every community that you founded that thrived in beauty and goodness because you had been there.

May God bless and help us always, and may He guide us safely through the storms of life and keep us in His loving care, until we are Home with Him forever.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Asking for the intercession of St. Juniperro Serra, I’d like to invite you to the St. Juniperro Serra Club, a club that involves not necessarily meetings or organized activity, but a commitment of the heart. It began on his feast day, July 1, 2020, and stems from a reading of the 1958 Communist Goals, 45 of them, that were devoted to destroying the great country of America by chipping away at her integrity, her unity, her morality and her faith in God.  These goals have nearly all been completed, and you see the effects in the crumbling of our culture before our very eyes, and the chaos and corruption that always results from a society that turns its back on God.

This Communist defiance towards God is symbolized as it has always been symbolized, with a clenched fist thrust towards God.  This fist has symbolized abject misery in every culture it has overtaken. And in our own it is only lightly disguised with fraudulent enticements to exploit its most recent “useful idiots’ who think they are working for something else but who are actually working for Marxist revolution and the lying spirit that guides it.  I say only lightly disguised, because the violence towards all that is good and true and beautiful, and especially towards the cultural and spiritual monuments to God Himself, His mother and His saints illustrate well the true meaning behind their mission.

St. Juniperro Serra was a courageous, dedicated missionary, who brought the love of Jesus Christ to the American Southwest. He encountered many difficulties and infirmities but never let them deter him from his mission.  He is the perfect patron saint of this movement, which is dedicated to pushing back on the 45 Goals that destroyed America and creating a plan to restore America, to bring her back to God, to strengthen her families, to meet lies with truth and injustices with justice.  The commitment is to do whatever you can, using whatever skills, talent or life situation you have to accomplish this task.









We all have gifts; some are prayer warriors, others can write, some teach and others can speak out, still others can create works of beauty and grace in art or music.  The commitment is to use your talents in the pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness—in the pursuit of peace, freedom and unity of all Americans by rising up against the forces that are attacking and dividing us, destroying us from within.

If you are an artist or have authority to erect monuments or works of art (even in the home), for every statue of Mary or Jesus,  of the Saints or the Ten Commandments that are destroyed by criminals, put two in their place.  In addition to rebuilding the monument, add a painting, a sculpture, or if you are a writer, publish a book about the one who was attacked, whom the vandals thought they had destroyed. Whatever you can do to bring beauty and culture back to America, do it.

Others are prayer warriors—so very, very important, especially today. If you can, gather together to pray. Go to Mass, go to church, pray the Rosary every day.  Pray online with others every day at websites such as Lifesitenews’ daily Rosary or the website  Pray, pray, pray and ask for God’s help during this difficult time.  There is no more powerful weapon than prayer, no more wonderful mission than this. Even if you have little time, just make the commitment to pray—-pray a Rosary every day, pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy,  or just pray every day on your own in your own way.  And God bless you!

Another may be moved to  S.P.E.A.K.—Silent Patriots Emerge As American Knights (for Truth, Beauty and Goodness). Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to right a wrong, defend someone who has been attacked or speak the truth when a lie is promoted.

  The Communist goal, to infiltrate the press, has been achieved in many different places, not just within prominent publications but also within the Internet providers that either censor or promote ideas based upon their leftist ideology.  So this commitment is dedicated to encouraging the silent majority to begin talking—to take to the comment sections and social media, to write blogs or articles, to do whatever you can to dispel the darkness of lies. Make the commitment to respectfully speak up instead of remaining silent, of course following the laws, leading with evidence and using logic and truth to clarify the lies that seem to dominate due to the seemingly insurmountable power of the press.

The truth is, they are not insurmountable, but only a small fraction of extremists with strategic power.   The reality is that we are more than they. We are called the “silent majority” for a reason.  Let’s get rid of the “silent” part of that description.  Leftists are a paper tiger, like the Wizard of Oz pulling the strings ,  seeming to be huge while actually being very few and very weak.

The illusion has been created because we have just been too timid to say anything to rebut the lies, and the result has been disastrous. So our commitment is now—to not allow a lie to stand or an unjust “cancel culture” attack to go unchallenged. Teach other people how to comment, to use social media, to speak to their friends.  Have the courage to speak to your own  friends about the issues, even those whom you may disagree with, and enlighten those who have been deceived by the almost constant barrage of propaganda that is disseminated by the mainstream media. Your friends will listen if you provide the truth and the facts and do it kindly.  It is very scary but you can change peoples’ minds—you can even change peoples’ lives—by telling the truth.

Some may be parents and husbands and wives.  You are more important now than ever before.  You hold the lives and souls of your children in your hands.  Teach them well. Help them to know and love God.  Eat meals together as a family. Talk about what is taught in their schools.  And tell them the truth about some of the false ideas they may be learning.

Wives and husbands, your marriage is the glue that holds society together. Cherish each other. Build your relationship, look lightly on the faults of your spouse and more severely on your own faults.  Know that you are one body, and as the family goes, so goes the nation.  Know that marriage is not a 50-50 proposition, but 100-100 percent giving of yourselves.  Stay together.  Pray together. Pray as a family.  Have Christ as the 3rd partner in your marriage. Know that the absolute greatest gift you can give your children is your love and commitment to each other.

Some are educators.  Teachers, teach the truth.  And when you see a lie, cure it with the truth. This will take courage, but you are here for a reason—God put you in this world in this place and at this time for a reason.  We all need to have courage now, but your courage can inspire others. 

Speak out against teachers who exploit their students, gaslighting them, making them feel as if they are victims and the whole world is oppressing them. Making them feel as if they will always be victims and can never have the power to control their own lives and destinies, who make them feel that any effort to better themselves is futile and hopeless.  Such teachers have created young people who see no future for themselves—who believe that the only way forward is to destroy the world around them.   The truth ennobles young people and enables them to live fruitful lives, to be a blessing to their communities, their families and themselves.  A lie destroys young lives.

Yesterday’s graduates built America and made it great, today’s graduates, heavy-laden with debt, hopeless and angry, paranoid and stunted, indoctrinated with self-defeating lies that make them less able to live in the real world than when they entered college, firebomb cars.   Don’t let that happen to the young people in your community.  Have the courage to speak out against evil and to be a good steward of the important task you have been given, to guide young lives into becoming the people whom they were meant to be.

And teach.  There is a wealth of wisdom and beauty in our culture, in our western heritage and in the Word of God.  Teach the great books, the great ideas, the true wisdom that creates a well-lived life.  Focus on those things and do not waste time on the trivial, banal or even evil.  Make a commitment to do good with the talents and knowledge that you have been given and are able give to others.

If you are in politics or law, fight for the good.  Fight with all of your might!  There are many evil laws today that have taken hold in our culture.  It is not enough to chaff against them and take a defensive stance.  Our laws permit the murder of little children!—fight against it with all of your might.  Follow the lead of great men and women who fought against evil in their day—people like William Wilberforce, who was a lone voice in his passionate fight against slavery.

If you are a lawyer, keep pushing the laws back to what is right.  Fight for the rights of all human beings, from conception to natural death.  Fight against the evil trend that we have seemed to accept, a trend that was the Communist Goal of taking God out of the town square, prayer out of schools, prayer out of our society.   It is not enough to win small victories.  We need to put God back into the center of town, into the center of our lives again.  As we can see today, we really did need God in order to be good people.  We really did need the 10 Commandments in order to not do the things that are prohibited by them.

And fight for the right to pray.  We have a God-given right to pray wherever we are whenever we want.  The Constitution has been bastardized to reflect the exact opposite of what it intended.  It was designed to protect our right to pray, to worship God, not to take our opportunities to do so away from us. If nothing else, pray. Pray everywhere and don’t be afraid.  It is your right to worship God in America.

Get involved.  There are so many organizations that have arisen from this difficult time — groups that care about freedom in America, groups that are dedicated to restoring her greatness.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do this on your own.  If you can do nothing else, support the great charities that do this good work—that fight for the rights of others, especially the unborn and the elderly or infirm to live, that aid others in need, that go to court to battle for what is right.  Support politicians who do these things as well and help them, or help to fund them in their quest to do justice. Vote for those who fight for the rights of every human being.  Be a part of organizations that have already been established to do a good work.  Just commit to finding some way to do that good work, or some way to support it. Get involved in your local communities—go to council meetings, learn who everyone is, make your voice heard. Realize that you are an important thread in the fabric of society and what you do matters. You can make a real difference in the world around you and you were meant to provide that influence.

Finally,  work for peace.  There are dark forces out there who are trying to pit us against each other using tactics like quick, emotion-producing quips and memes that “rub raw the sores of resentment” and  rush us to a “side” without thinking.  And they do it over and over and over again in quick succession so that people tend to see themselves as part of a group versus people who think independently, deeply and rationally about issues.

So when speaking in these forums (like social media sites), it is important to be kind, to lead with the evidence, and to appeal beyond the tactics used by the propagandists who are trying to “divide and conquer” us through that division. It is important to make connections beyond the emotional subjects that are discussed—the images and sayings that knee-jerk people to one side or another —in order to overcome the wall of resistance that propaganda has built between us.  It is also important to create communities that won’t disappear when someone pulls out a plug.  The community food sharing parties (“Jar-Den” parties) might be helpful in that regard.

These are only a few of the things that you can do as a member of the St. Juniperro Serra Club.  It is again just a commitment of the heart.   We ask for the intercession of this great saint, and ask for his strong and beautiful missionary determination to succeed in restoring this beautiful country back to the greatness that founded her.  God bless you, and I hope that you join me in this quest.

Isaiah 58:12

“Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins, and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”