**FREE** Bible in a Year Class with Fr. Mike Schmitz

Do you want a closer relationship with God and are not sure how to go about  it?

Have you ever wanted to read the entire Bible but have concluded after a day or a week or a month of trying that it is simply impossible to stick with that commitment?

Well, Fr. Mike Schmitz, along with Jeff Cavins, have offered a solution to your problem.  This year he is presenting a class that will take students through the entire Bible in a year.

Before you say,  I’ve tried that too—I’ve started Bible classes and didn’t complete them—there are a few things about this class that you should know.

First,  Fr. Mike is a wonderful teacher, incredibly inspiring and interesting, offering hope and a take on the subject that really brings the message home to you.  He is like the new Archbishop Fulton Sheen, inspiring this generation as Abp. Sheen did for the last few generations so many years ago.  Every day, I look forward to hearing him speak, and I am never disappointed.

Secondly, the daily Bible verses, a prayer and his commentary take only 20 minutes or so a day.  We all have 20 minutes a day to spare, right? And the end result of nearly every day’s class is hope and the feeling of growing closer to God—getting to know Him better through His word in Scripture.

Third, the class is totally free and is accessible no matter what kind of phone or laptop or device you have to listen to him on.

Fourth, the classes are recorded, so you have an opportunity to go back if you’ve missed a class or two or 50—it is easy to catch up and there is no pressure to do everything precisely on time.

If you’d like to go further, both Fr. Mike and Jeff Cavins have wonderful classes that go deeper into the sections of the Bible that are being discussed and offer a greater perspective into the Bible.

You may also order a Bible from Ascension Press and workbook materials and a Bible Timeline that all offer a deeper look into what is being discussed.  I started out signing up for the free podcasts and have gone a little nuts buying the Bible, the Timeline, and the workbook materials. But you don’t have to do any of that. In fact, you can download the Timeline for free and print it out from your own computer if you’d like.

Finally, The Bible in a Year podcast is the number one podcast downloaded on Apple and other podcast venues.  It is no wonder as the class is wonderful and a great blessing.  But this also brings up something else about the program.  This year has been rough for so many people for so many reasons, as you all know.  But the fact that this class is such a blessing to so many, and that so many are hungry for God and can find Him here, is a bright light amidst all of this darkness.

It is incredibly hopeful and reminds me that God is in control and all will be well.

Again, the link is: All Bible in a Year Episodes – Ascension Press Media

God bless you!!!


All Bible in a Year Episodes – Ascension Press Media

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