Why Free Speech?

Why does free speech matter? It matters for many reasons, but especially because free speech leads people to the truth.

Truth emerges victorious in a free marketplace of ideas. People hunger for the truth—they are drawn to it, and they are willing to suffer to defend it. Truth is what is—it is not dependent upon belief for its existence.

Those who love the truth love free speech.  Only those for whom the truth is the enemy of the state are afraid of opposing or new ideas. Only those tyrants who do not love truth hate free speech and fear or crush ideas that oppose their own.

Truth has reality on its side, and nothing can change the nature of truth and turn it into a lie.  Not torture nor a powerful totalitarian government nor intense pressure that insists on a particular train of thought and punishes anyone who deviates from it.  And conversely, nothing in the world can turn a lie into truth.

No matter what these tyrants do to force people to believe a lie, to express a lie, to live a lie, that lie will never be the truth. It will never trick reality into becoming an illusion. No matter how powerful a tyrant is, he has no power to make something real that isn’t.

I am reading Rob Dreher’s book,  “Live Not By Lies,” and it is fascinating and timely.  Although he published the book fairly recently, in the Fall of 2020, the “soft” totalitarianism of western culture that he warned about has advanced significantly, and in many ways and in many countries cannot be called “soft” anymore.

This has happened in many cruel ways, including forcing dangerous, experimental and increasingly ineffective medicine on people with draconian consequences for refusal, devastating lockdowns that don’t make sense and compliance with harmful policies that defy logic, for example, vaccine passports that make the people vulnerable to control.   As RFK Jr. so eloquently said, “The minute they hand you that vaccine passport, every right that you have is transformed into a privilege contingent upon your obedience to arbitrary government dictates.”

The world has reacted to all of this in a mighty way, taking to the streets by the millions and protesting peacefully in unity with a common purpose—freedom from tyranny.

But most people are not aware of that happening, as the media has not only ignored these highly newsworthy events, but the powers that be have also aggressively censored any mention of it.

So after months of the peoples’ voice being ignored, the peaceful protests that consist of those who are fighting for freedom stepped up a notch.  They are now just as peaceful.  Just a bit harder to ignore.

Enter the Canadian truckers (and the subsequent trucker convoy movement all over the world). God bless these people for standing up for freedom!  May God protect them and may the leaders begin to listen to the people once again!*

The links below may have to be cut and pasted in your browser, but they are worth your time to do so.  If you have only watched main stream media you will be in for a surprise as to what has actually been happening around the world during these past few months!!! God bless you!!*



utm_medium=copy_link https://rumble.com/vp5tbn-hi-rez-and-jimmy-levy-welcome-to-the-revolution.html


P.S. (*It is a bit comical that since the Canadian Prime Minister could not ignore the truckers, he unsuccessfully tried to minimize their cause. This was met with quite a bit of levity.

He called them a “small fringe minority with unacceptable views.”  There are tens of thousands of trucks and hundreds of thousands of people–the videos above will give you a small taste of the massive and heroic effort to restore freedom to Canada.

The contrast between his statement and reality was so hilarious that Elon Musk tweeted that the only “fringe minority” appears to be the government! 🙂

Regarding the “unacceptable views”  — these were without a doubt the cries for freedom from the totalitarian edicts foisted upon the people. The longing for freedom is only unacceptable to elitist totalitarians.

Finally, since he was unable to ignore them and unable to discredit them, a fraud was put into the crowd with a fully covered face and a professionally created flag that had a truck prominently displayed with a confederate background, very odd that a Canadian would even care about the reference. It was clearly a setup for the media and so that the elite could use a trigger word “racist” against the working class.   A video of the event shows that he was discovered immediately and shouted down by the crowd, revealed as a Canadian version of a “Ray Epps,” and he finally left in disgrace.

All of the attempts to crush the peoples’ cries for freedom have been futile.  Now we pray for the safety of the truckers and the return to a free society by western leaders.   Already some have responded and have declared Covid restrictions to be over—countries like England, Ireland and Denmark.  May the rest regain their freedom once again!)



Don’t Give Up; Don’t Give In

Don’t Give Up! Don’t Give In!
The pressure is on now.  Please be strong.  Please hold on.


Hundreds of thousands of people have been threatened with being fired if they don’t take an experimental gene therapy that is only emergency approved (don’t let them fool you, the so called “approved” shot is not even available and won’t be for awhile).

The “order” is massively unconstitutional and even illegal. It violates Nuremberg, common sense, and genuine concern for health (medical conditions, deeply held religious beliefs and  the far superior natural immunity are totally dismissed as irrelevant). The reaction to the conscientious objectors of this dangerous drug and its boosters reminds me of that line in Goodfellas — No matter the hardship, the mafia demanded payment. Lost your business? “F– you, pay me.”

At risk of dying from the shot? “F– you, take it or else.”

All at once the world went totally fascist about the vaccine and vaccine passports. Somewhere behind the scenes the order came down from a centralized source — VACCINES MUST BE MANDATED RIGHT NOW!

And all around the world there are versions of the cruel implementation of that order. In Australia, people are being arrested for going out of their homes without a vax passport, and being sent to concentration camps for all sorts of reasons, including mere suspicion of illness.  In Italy vaccine passports must be used to participate in society. This is echoed in Canada and France and the UK and all over Europe, with few exceptions.  If you look at the massive protests against the passports, this mandate is supported by a very, very small minority at the top.  This is clearly not supported by the people, not in the best interests of the people, not about the health of the people. And yet after months of protests, the leaders of all of the countries with few exceptions react like the mafia to their own people, “F-you, take it or else!”

Tomorrow Joe Biden, in collaboration with the totally, fully fascist Australian government is going to announce something–we don’t yet know what.  Will it be the full implementation of concentration “shielding” camps like the ones in Australia? How far is this demented puppet willing to go to force the agenda of his unseen masters?

Today protesters were out in full force against NYC vaccine mandates. The Epoch Times has a brilliant article about the event.  See Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC: ‘This Is a Turning Point’ (theepochtimes.com)

From the article:

“This is a turning point , a moment of truth for all of us. They are really trying to push this agenda forward and more and more people are seeing, clear as day, where this is going,..


Even after the Time Magazine article on the Great Reset, this true agenda behind the vax passports was called a  conspiracy theory.  But the architects of the Great Reset say the same thing.

Klaus Schwab, one of the organizers of the Great Reset, who with his colleagues were the only people ecstatic about the virus because of the “unprecedented but rapidly narrowing window of opportunity” the virus gave them to reset the world, echoes the same sentiment, though not with disdain but with deluded excitement:

Schwab said:

“To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

He goes on….

“….The level of cooperation and ambition this implies is unprecedented. But it is not some impossible dream….”

No, in fact, we are now seeing the rollout of the plan.

In fact, by 2030 Schwab and his Great Reset accomplices envision a world where we , the people, will own nothing, have no privacy and “be happy.”  They intend to accomplish that goal.

The question is, who will own everything? And how are they going to achieve this massive power grab?

I have a few guesses.

If I were a gambler, I would wager that this billionaire group is behind the fascist implementation of the vaccine passports.  Already deluded that their blatant attempt to colonize the world is somehow a good thing, these technocrats seem to have no problem with employing  cruelty and inhumanity in the execution of this power play. Taking away peoples’ livelihood and making it impossible for them to buy food without a passport is only one example of the cruel plans put in place, coordinated and rehearsed even before the virus became a pandemic. So was the coordinated crushing of treatment alternatives that were proving to significantly save lives.  The roadmap included a provision that basically all roads must lead to vaccines, and alternatives must not be considered.

But why the heavy handed implementation of vax mandates and passports right now? Why take such a draconian stance towards vaccine mandates and passports when this issue has become so unpopular?  Why do it when vaccine effectiveness is proving to be so limited over time and the massive dangers  of the vaccines are, despite the enormous censorship, being revealed to the public?

(40,000 deaths so far if you only include the underreported VAERS and Eudravigilence databases (U.S. and Europe). And as I am writing this I have gotten a message that a whistleblower from Medicare has shown proof of 50,000 deaths from the vax that have been previously covered up.  Even the FDA advisory board has grown a conscience and refused to recommend boosters for the young who have so little benefit from the shot and are at such great risk from it with injuries including serious heart damage such as myocarditis, a known side-effect.  The numbers of injuries and deaths from the vax will soon be difficult to hide, no matter what tech and the media try to do.)

This is why, I believe, they are pushing the vax mandates and passports so hard right now.

It is because the evidence is beginning to show that the naturally immune (and note that the virus has a 99% survival rate) have far superior immunity than those who take the shot.  In fact, there appears to be evidence of vax-caused ADE, which makes people MORE susceptible to illness, not less.  mRNA programs the body to create a toxin, the spike protein, which induces the body to defend against it.  This technology is so new that we are the human trials for the vaccine.  We do not know the long term side effects but will when we find out what happens to the people who have taken the vax.  What we do know, is that this is a program, a technology,. It is supposed to program the body to fight the virus.  But a great deal of evidence has come out that there is a reason why so many vaxxed are getting Covid.

One scientist likened it to antivirus software that is programmed to only protect against a certain virus, leaving a system subject to other viruses that it doesn’t recognize.  The normal immune system does a better job and offers better protection against the variants.  Our God-created immune system works better than the man-created version. In fact, candidates for monoclonal antibody donation are not eligible to donate if they have taken the vaccine —the immunity must be due solely  to contracting and recovering from the virus.

Although this may be an unfortunate and unexpected side effect of the vax, and I am not accusing anyone specifically, I would like to point out that this virus was engineered by humans to infect humans and it is possible that this increased susceptibility characteristic was not an accident.  It makes sense — I mean what happens when the medicine stops working and your immune system has been altered and is unable to fend off the next iteration/variant/etc. of Covid?

You get another booster, right?

And another. And another. And another.

Picture this: people keep getting sick because of the shot, and the fear keeps them obedient and compliant, accepting any loss of freedom in order to be kept safe.

These frightened people would now be amenable to a steady regimen of boosters, and would need to keep their digital passports updated with the continuous shots they need in order to stay well as the mutations, partly encouraged by the boosters to multiply, create greater and perhaps even more dangerous versions of the disease—creating a “dark winter,” as Fauci puts it.

How do you make vaccines and vaccine passports a way of life?  This method is certainly one way to do that.  And the one who controls the vax pass program controls the people.

Herd immunity would have been achieved long before if the wonderful treatments for Covid had not been suppressed and a large portion of the population got and recovered from the disease.  But with this alteration, there will be no herd immunity, and people will be dependent on the shots, on the vaccine boosters, on the vaccine passports.  They will be at the mercy of those who monitor and control those digital documents.

This is only my opinion, but I really believe that they thought that more people would take the vax, be amenable to the passports and that the control that they had aspired to implement around the world would be a cake walk.

But there is a very large control group of those who did not take the vax, who have natural immunity, and that group is illustrating quickly that the answer is to not get on that vax train that leads to dependence.

If everyone got vaxxed, they would push the propaganda that Covid is getting more and more dangerous and people are getting sicker and sicker because that is the nature of the disease.

But the control group that has not gotten the shot will not get as sick because their immune systems will be able to better defend against Covid and its variants.  Which flies in the face of the idea that the disease itself is getting more dangerous.

The control group is showing that the disease can be survived, and once one has natural immunity and stops taking the boosters,  as long as treatment programs are made available and help the vulnerable, this disease may just end up as a bad version of the flu—-and people will no longer have to be afraid.

And will no longer have to be subject to the control of mad men.

The force of the bizarrely draconian order that went out all at once around the world  is the sound of mad men panicking, trying to get rid of that control group by force-vaxxing them. The people  behind these draconian policies don’t want us to know that we can opt out.  And if you do succeed in opting out, you may lose your job, but you will save your life, your freedom, even your country if you stand up to them.

It will ruin everything for them, all of their fever dreams of control and domination, which would be a beautiful thing.

So stay strong.  Crush the dreams of the lunatics that want to control your lives forever.

Embrace your freedom.  Refuse to comply.  Don’t Give Up! And Don’t Give In!





How Did the Haitians Get to Mexico?

Cloward-PivenThe Question On Everyone’s Mind Should Be How Did The Haitians Get To Mexico – Times Square Chronicles (t2conline.com)

Is there only one journalist in the world? Can CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other MSM take a break from shilling for their corporate masters for a second in order to ask a real question?

Who is funding the humanitarian crisis at the border? Who is profiting from the child trafficking and inhumane conditions that exist for the tens of thousands of people there?

Thousands upon thousands of Haitians at the border long to get in. The facilities have absolutely no ability to process so many people, to test for diseases as we did at Ellis Island, to quarantine, to even care what happens to them after they are released.   We are required to torture our children with masks and isolate away from the people we love, while diseases are imported into the country by the truckload, and those who carry them are treated horrifically in the process.

It is utter chaos, and the vulnerable children that the powers  behind this crisis  use as pawns for their project are being raped and abused and people are dying. With blood on their hands the powers that be use and abuse people like they are worth nothing, in order to destroy us and Cloward-Piven America to death.

These are victims, the pawns in a dangerous game being played on both immigrants and Americans.  But the real question—the question that any true journalist needs to be asking is this: WHO is funding this utter fiasco meant to overwhelm our borders? Who is responsible for this mess?

Who are the abusers fueling the crisis?

A clue may be found here:

How did the Haitians get to Mexico?

(from the article)

“……..Was it by boat, plane or like Jesus walking on water? The distance from Haiti to Mexico is 3.177 km. This air travel distance is equal to 1,974 miles, if you  travel by an airplane…….oh, yeah, you also need a Visa. A Haitian would need to carry three documents, a Mexico Tourist Card, a Mexican Tourist Visa and a Haitian Passport. …..

…..Someone is paying for these people to come here, that much is obvious. The question is who and why?” (see link  above)

So sayeth Suzanna Bowling, apparently the only journalist in the world on this issue worth her salt.

So, you moneyed MSM—why are YOU not asking the question? Why are you obsessing over social media influencers like Nicki Minaj and not focusing on things that truly matter?

Where are the real journalists, where are the ones  who have the resources to answer this question? And why haven’t our moneyed reporters, the ones who could afford to find out, even bothered to ask?

Is the answer contained in the question?  Is it the people with the money behind you who don’t want us to know?

One other thing. When I was growing up, journalists took their jobs seriously. They had ethics—were almost hyper-ethical— and were devoted to protecting their communities by investigating and revealing  the truth, no matter what the powerful wanted to hide.

That duty seems to be relegated to independent, citizen journalists today.  I am curious as to what happened to you mainstream “reporters.”  Do you think of yourselves as entertainers? Propagandists?  Corporate shills?  Data entry clerks who merely echo whatever you are told?

Are there any real journalists left among you?